Most Expensive Aircraft Carrier Ever Built Cannot Launch Fighter Jets

USA World

An F/A-18F Super Hornet jet flies over the USS Gerald R. Ford as the Navy aircraft carrier tests its EMALS magnetic launching system, which replaces the steam catapult, in 2017 

 * A new assessment of the USS Gerald R. Ford was carried out by Pentagon testers
 * The testers said the trouble was with the USS Ford’s new, high-tech aircraft takeoff and landing systems 
 * The systems were said to have experienced failures more often than expected 
 * The unreliability of the systems could ‘adversely affect’ the USS Ford’s ability to carry out military sorties according to testers 
The most expensive aircraft carrier ever built – to the tune of $13.2billion – is still suffering from unreliable technology systems more than three years after it was delivered to the US Navy. 
A new assessment of the USS Gerald R. Ford, carried out by Pentagon testers, indicates that the ship’s issues ‘remain consistent’ with those experienced in previous years of testing. 
The USS Ford’s latest troubles stem from issues with its its aircraft takeoff and landing systems, according to the report.