morelia cjng leaves quartered and executed

Morelia: CJNG leaves 5 quartered and 2 executed

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Five dismembered bodies and two more executed were found early Tuesday morning in Morelia and Tarímbaro, all of them with narco messages signed by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.
Morelia lived a violent morning as not seen in many years, all in six hours, from one in the morning to seven in the morning. The Michoacán Police and the Attorney General were almost overwhelmed by the internal war of drug trafficking that is being lived in this capital and not acknowledged. 
This is the chronology of the facts:
At one o’clock in the morning of Tuesday, the Michoacán Police received the report that behind the school 18 de Mayo of the colony El Realito, there were black plastic bags with a cartulina with a signature  of a criminal group; Inside the bags were the dismembered remains of a subject.
One hour later, at two o’clock in the morning, once again the authorities were alerted about the discovery of two other lifeless bodies on the old road Morelia – Patzcuaro at the crest of the Country La Huerta subdivision; there the police reported two men shot to death.
Minutes later, the Michoacán Police Department was notified of the discovery of three black plastic bags on the San José del Cerrito avenue at the San Miguel subdivision; Inside were two other bodies butchered and with another narco message also signed by the CJNG.
7 hours later  in Tarímbaro, at the crest of Lienzo Charro of that municipality, the elements of the Michoacán Police found the dismembered bodies of two individuals inside plastic bags. There they also found a message underwritten by the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación and addressed to those who betrayed them.


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