Monterrey Nuevo Leon: CJNG leaves dismembered body and a message for CDN

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As Monterrey continues to heat up, a dismembered body was dumped in the city with a narco message from CJNG.
In an overview the message it reads; 

The “cleanse” has begun of all the filth, extortionists,  violators of children, and women,  chapulines (grasshoppers in reference to those who jump sides) 

And anyone working with the Northeast Cartel (CDN), this is how we will terminate those Monterrey dogs, everyone has an option, if not they will be finished like this dismembered bastard.  

We have a list of addresses.

I am Sanguinario soldier of the elite force.

Comandante M-3 CJNG

Extreme Graphic image below no further text 


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