Monterrey Nuevo Leon: An extortioner wanted more money, an employee kills him, all caught on security cam

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 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  El Norte

After he went into a Monterrey business
multiple times attempting to charge “piso”, an extortioner was shot to death in
Colonia Moisés Sáenz, in Apodaca.

The crime was reported to the
police at 8:20 p.m. on Saturday, however the cameras recorded the incident at
6:02 p.m..

In a video recorded by the
cameras of the business “Pollo y Carnes La Subida”, to which EL NORTE
had access, the alleged extortionist can be seen talking to another person on a
cell phone to warn him that the employees did not want to give him money.

“No, they don’t have
anything, they won’t give me anything”.

“They say the boss took
everything, I’m inside here, but they don’t want to give anything.”

According to the workers, the
call was heard that the person he was speaking with told them to kill them all.

“They give you all the
money, and if they don’t want to, kill everyone in that place,” one of the
employees overheard.

After being threatened, one of
the workers took advantage of a distraction from the extortionist to draw a
pistol carried by another employee at his waist.

With the gun in hand, he
approached the man and shot him in the back on at least three times, killing

A police source said that the killer,
identified as Montserrat, 36, was arrested and turned over to the Public

According to the workers, around
11:00 a.m. on Saturday, the alleged extortionists forced them to deposit 3,000 [142
usd] pesos in an account, but they returned later for a larger amount.

During the day, they reported that
several vehicles with armed people roamed the surroundings of the business to
intimidate the workers.

According to the first
investigations by the authorities, the alleged extortionist arrived at the
store in a white Nissan Versa car with logos of the company TOTSA, which
provides taxi service at the airport.

At the site, elements of the
State Investigation Agency and experts from the Prosecutor’s Office secured the
pistol with 4 .22 caliber bullets and 5 detonated shells.

So far, the alleged extortionist
had not been identified.