moncton repair fair looks to keep well used items out of the landfill

Moncton Repair Fair looks to keep well-used items out of the landfill


Inside Moncton’s Resurgo Place, a line of people stretches down the hallway, each one clutching a busted item: a boom-box, coffee maker, lamp, shop vacuum, tattered gloves. Every so often a bell can be heard from inside the room and a cheer goes up. Another well-loved item has been fixed.This is the Moncton Repair Fair.“We open our doors to the community who want to have things repaired at no charge,” said Suzanne Melanson, founder of the event.
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This is the fifth edition of the event that tries to breathe new life into items that might otherwise end up in the landfill.READ MORE: Montreal woodworker upcycles furniture to cut consumption and save the planetPeople bring in items and are matched up with volunteers with various technical specialties. Melanson says this is the busiest one yet.“It’s definitely growing in popularity. The word of mouth has really increased as every event moves forward,” she said.“We definitely have a very long line-up today and are quite happy to see how people are wanting to give a second life to things that might have either stayed in a garage for years at a time or a basement.”Melanson says the goal of the event is two-fold: to keep items out of the waste stream and to help foster an interest in repair work, something she believes has been lost over time.“There seems to be a lost art of repair ability out there,” she said.“We do know that there are people out in the community that know how to repair things and they love to repair things,” Melanson added, “and we find that this type of venue marries them up with their passion and wanting to help people in the community.”WATCH: Manitoba community gathers to honour the wish of a little girl