Military And Intelligence News Briefs — September 23, 2020

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China’s military build-up of air defences along the India frontier began after the 2017 Doklam crisis.

NDTV: In 3 Years, China Doubled Its Air Bases, Air Defences And Heliports Along India Frontier: Report

India-China: According to the report, China has ”started constructing at least 13 entirely new military positions near its borders with India”.

New Delhi:

The 2017 Doklam crisis which played out between China and India in a part of Bhutan located east of Sikkim ”appears to have shifted China’s strategic objectives, with China more than doubling its total number of air bases, air defence positions and heliports near the Indian border over the past three years”.

Details of the Chinese expansion, accessed by NDTV, have been spelt out in a yet-to-be-released report by Stratfor, a leading global geopolitical intelligence platform. The report outlines China’s military-infrastructure build-up through a detailed analysis of satellite images of military facilities that have a direct bearing on India’s security.

“The timing of the Chinese build-up of military facilities along the border with India just prior to the ongoing Ladakh standoff suggests these border tensions are part of a much larger effort by China to assert control over its border regions,” says Sim Tack, a Senior Global Analyst with Stratfor and the author of the report.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — September 23, 2020

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