Military And Intelligence News Briefs — October 31, 2019

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Three reports from the Pentagon very accurately describe the rapid growth and modernization of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. U.S. Department of Defense

National Interest: Report: China Wants the World’s Best Military By 2049

Very bad news.

Chinese leaders have laid out a plan for deploying the world’s best-armed forces no later than 2049. If the United States is to prevent China from becoming the world’s leading military power, it needs a plan of its own.

That’s the sobering warning in a new report for the Center for a New American Security by former deputy defense secretary Robert Work and co-author Greg Grant.

Chinese leaders’ resolve hardened in 1991 as they watched the U.S.-led coalition pummel Iraqi forces with seemingly ceaseless barrages of precision-guided munitions.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — October 31, 2019

China says hopes U.S. will ‘stop abusing concept of national security’ after reports of grounded drones — Reuters

China says it won’t sit back if US deploys intermediate range missiles in Asia — SCMP

Taiwan invites US to help gauge its military strength as analysts warn of growing threat from mainland China — SCMP

Taiwan ready to buy A1M2T Abrams tanks from U.S. — UPI

US has woken up to how ‘truly hostile’ China is towards Western values, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — SCMP

US military conducts Syria border patrol as troops, tanks arrive — Al Jazeera

About 900 US Servicemen May Stay in Syria After Pull Out From Country – Reports — Sputnik

Think Tank Unveils Report Card on US Military Strength —

A CIA-Backed Militia Targeted Clinics in Afghanistan, Killing Medical Workers and Civilians — The Intercept

CIA-backed Afghan troops ‘committed war crimes’: report — BBC

Northrop’s $3 Billion B-2 Upgrades Lagging by Almost Three Years — Bloomberg

B-52 piece falls off in-flight, lands in British woman’s garden — Air Force Times

F-16 crashes at Holloman; pilot ejects — Air Force Times

SecNav Again Blasts Huntington Ingalls On Ford Carriers — Breaking Defense

Parris Island Marines to start training with next gender-integrated boot camp class — Marine Times

Here’s the robotic vehicle that will carry equipment for US troops — Defense News

US soldier dies in non-combat incident at Camp Taji, Iraq — Army times

No Trump Politics In Picking Microsoft For $10B JEDI Contract: DoD CIO — Breaking Defense

Trump identifies ‘Conan,’ military dog in Baghdadi raid, says she will visit White House — FOX News

Trump awards Medal of Honor to Green Beret for his actions in Afghanistan — The Hill

US Mulls Attacking Peripheral Territories of Russia and China as Possible Deterrence Option – Report — Sputnik

US forces could learn from intense electronic war battle in Ukraine — Shawn Snow, Military Times

Trump’s Russia ambassador nominee say US hasn’t withdrawn from surveillance flight treaty — The Hill

Russia preparing new ballistic missiles — including ‘Satan-2’ — UPI

Russia, Egypt join in air defense exercise Arrow of Friendship — UPI

North Korea fires two missiles towards the sea, the South’s military reveals — Daily Mail

South Korea develops new maritime surveillance radar for ships, aircraft — UPI

Japan gets US nod for $4.5 billion F-15 upgrade package — Defense News

Japan approved for $4.5B upgrade package for its F-15Js — UPI

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