Military And Intelligence News Briefs — November 8, 2019

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Washington Examiner: At the Pentagon, Esper and Milley adapt to Trump’s intuitive and impulsive style

Things are getting back to normal at the Pentagon, the new normal that is — a world in which no military plan or policy survives its first contact with the president.

During the first two years of Trump’s presidency, the Pentagon, under Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, progressively stepped back from the time-honored tradition of conducting regular public briefings by an official representative to inform the press, and by extension the American public, how and why U.S. forces were engaged in dangerous, deadly missions around the world.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — November 8, 2019

US military ops in Syria getting complicated for Washington — AFP

US envoy to Syria says Trump administration didn’t do enough to prevent Turkish invasion: report — The Hill

Pentagon: Revenue from Syria oil fields going to Kurdish-led forces — The Hill

USAF Sees No Widespread Safety Issues with F-16s Despite Recent Crashes — Air Force Magazine

Keel laid for U.S. Navy’s first Arleigh Burke Flight III destroyer — UPI

The Navy’s Secretive And Revolutionary Program To Project False Fleets From Drone Swarms — Warzone/The Drive

Air Force tests ATHENA laser weapon against multiple drones — UPI

How the US military has quietly built up a facial recognition database with more than 7.4MILLION identities – including active American and Allied troops as well as terrorists — Daily Signal

The Army Must Prepare for the Next Great-Power Competition — National Interest

US Army plans for a new network are in danger as the service faces an extended continuing resolution amid hang-ups in Congress — Business Insider

Fewer airmen, fewer bombs and delayed F-15s: Goldfein outlines effects of continuing resolution — Defense News

Army Creates Super Detailed Skull X-Rays in Search for a Better Military Helmet — Popular Mechanics

High-Ranking Dog Provides Key Training For Military’s Medical Students — NPR

Why Are We Rebuilding the ‘Nuclear Sponge’? — National Interest

False alarm: 1979 NORAD scare was one of several nuclear close calls — UPI

Chinese Surveillance Tech Could Be Watching the U.S. Military — Popular Mechanics

Reports: U.S. demand for $5B South Korea burden sharing extends to Mideast — UPI

The Decline of America’s Military, and Why It Matters — Katrina Trinko, Daily signal

New book documents the Marines of Anbar and the brutal fight for the Haditha Triad — Marine Times

More money, more missions: German defense minister unveils her plan for the Bundeswehr — Defense News

Germany Remains Tepid on NATO 2-Percent Goal — Spiegel Online

Five European navies rally around Cold War-era ‘Channel Committee’ — Defense News

Austrian army colonel charged with spying for Russia — DW

Norway Flies With B-52s Above Arctic; IOC For Their F-35s — Breaking Defense

How Russia could force a nuclear war in the Baltics — Bloomberg

Our mid-range missiles don’t pose threat to Washington…UNLESS it moves its missiles ‘too close’ – top Chinese diplomat — RT

Israeli PM appoints new defence minister, boosting Likud party — AFP

No F-35 Required: These 5 Weapons Show Why Fighting Israel’s Military Is A Losing Battle — Robert Farley, National Interest

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