Military And Intelligence News Briefs — June 12, 2020

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Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the troops during the military parade during the Navy Day celebration in St.Petersburg, Russia, July 28, 2019. Dmitri Lovetsky/Pool via REUTERS

Reuters: Russian nuclear-powered sub enters service amid arms control fears

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s most-advanced new nuclear-powered submarine entered service on Friday, the defence ministry said, at a time of growing arms control tensions between Moscow and the West.

The Knyaz Vladimir (Prince Vladimir) – designed to carry Bulava intercontinental nuclear missiles – was enrolled into the navy during Friday’s Russia Day celebrations.

The announcement comes against the background of a rift with Western powers over Ukraine and fears of a burgeoning arms race following the demise of a landmark Cold War-era nuclear pact.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — June 12, 2020

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