Military And Intelligence News Briefs — July 5, 2019

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Chinese troops gesture during a ceremony marking their departure for Munich to participate in the 14-day Combined Aid-2019 exercise along their German counterparts, July 3. The joint Sino-German exercise would involve training to treat mass casualty incidents and the outbreak of infectious diseases such as cholera. Peng Zhengang/Chinese Ministry of Defense

Newsweek: China Military Starts Work with France and Germany, Tells U.S. to Mind Its Business on ‘Missile Test’

The Chinese armed forces have launched two separate operations alongside France and Germany while at the same time dismissing concerns by fellow NATO Western military alliance member the U.S. regarding an alleged missile test in the disputed South China Sea.

Citing the Central Military Commission’s Logistic Support Department Health Bureau, the Chinese military’s official site reported Wednesday that a team of 91 personnel has departed for Munich to participate alongside Germany’s own medical corps in the 14-day Combined Aid-2019 exercise set to begin that same day. The deployment was described as “the first time for China to dispatch a complete unit of medical service forces with real combat equipment to conduct joint exercise in Europe.”


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — July 5, 2019

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