Military And Intelligence News Briefs — April 3, 2020

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Daily Mail: ‘Loose lips sink ships’: Navy chief Thomas Modly says sacked Theodore Roosevelt captain put his crew ‘at risk’ with leaked coronavirus letter because ‘our adversaries in the region think that one of our warships might be crippled’

* Acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said on Friday Capt. Brett Crozier went outside chain of command
* Modly on Thursday fired Crozier, relieving him of command of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt
* Sailors from the Roosevelt posted video on social media showing massive salute to ousted commander
* Crozier was fired days after he penned letter to Navy leaders calling for immediate evacuation of Roosevelt
* Modly said decision was driven by fact he shared letter with at least 20 others before it was leaked to press
* The secretary insisted that he was not accusing Crozier of leaking the letter to the press himself
* However, US officials told Reuters that the Navy did believe he was responsible for the leak
* The USS Roosevelt was docked in Guam last week after 25 crew members tested positive for COVID-19
* ‘About 140’ sailors on the nuclear aircraft carrier have since tested positive, according to Modly
* Modly said 95 have ‘mild to moderate flu-like symptoms’ while 42 are asymptomatic. Zero are hospitalized
* Navy is in the process of evacuating 2,700 sailors from the ship in addition to the 1,000 already evacuated
* Locals in Guam have expressed anger over hosting infected sailors at their hotels

The acting secretary of the United States Navy has defended his decision to fire the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt saying he put the crew ‘at risk’ by sending a letter demanding they be quarantined after an outbreak of coronavirus.

Thomas Modly said America’s enemies might think the aircraft carrier was ‘crippled’ after a letter written by its captain Brett Crozier was leaked.

It came as videos emerged of Captain Crozier being given a rowdy farewell by his crew who were chanting his name as he left the warship.


Military And Intelligence News Briefs — April 3, 2020

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