Middle East, African nations to come to Oman for MENA Innovation summit

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Muscat: Over 15 regional ministers from education, higher education and information and communications technology from Oman and across the Middle East and North Africa will attend the MENA Innovation Forum 2019.

Held under the patronage of HH Sayyed Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, the Minister of Heritage and Culture, Oman will host MENA Innovation 2019. The event will see the Ministry of Higher Education in cooperation with the Brains Global organisation, host the event from 15-17 September 2019.

The forum, drawing together over 15 regional ministers from education, higher Education and ICTs from Oman and across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and leaders in industry from around the world, will showcase both public and private sector best practices in collaboration so as to future proof and forge tangible solutions today to the challenges tomorrow inherent within a rapidly digitizing education infrastructure.

Panels over the course of MENA Innovation 2019 will foster debate and dialogue on the critical issues pertaining to how best to empower and equip youth from across the region with both the skills and technologies necessary to flourish and spur future creativity within what has been deemed the fourth industrial revolution.

In addition to the MENA Innovation branded venue format of hosting pre-scheduled meetings between government, civil society officials and industry leaders, panels within the forum’s agenda include discussions on driving innovation in higher education and scientific research, investing in technological education and digital skills for regional entrepreneurship, as well as appoint ICTs for delivering the fourth Industrial revolution in MENA, the importance of active learning in MENA schools, advancing greater inclusivity and diversity in education and transformation through critical thinking in education and scientific research.

Dr Abdullah Al Sarmi, the head of the MENA Innovation Steering Committee, said: “this version of the forum will witness exciting special additions which target young students and innovators. We are going to reveal these additions in the press conference which will be held tomorrow morning. The Ministry of Higher Education has ultimately committed to enhancing cooperation with the private sector to achieve the ambitious goals laid before the Sultanate in realizing its ’Oman Vision 2040’. The organizers will play their continued role in ensuring contemporary education fosters a more conducive climate for entrepreneurship and job creation, building a foundation of sustainable economic growth capable of contributing to GDP development.

Brains Global Founder and CEO, John Glassey, stated, “It is, as always, a privilege collaborating in productive working sessions with my colleagues in governance forming the MENA Innovation 2019 steering committee here in Oman. The changing nature of industry driven by perpetual transformation is having a massive impact on both the Omani and MENA regional job markets. Conversely, we live in a world where fresh economic growth is driven by small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. Therefore, empowering the potential of youth and youth culture is necessary to ensure a vibrant and stable economic future.

He added: “We’ve charted an Agenda here to host a truly exceptional event in September, one which will, by design, map out a direct correlation within the Sultanate and greater MENA region’s pathway to economic prosperity through meaningful public-private partnerships (PPP), collaborations embracing the latest in ICT innovation to fuel the ambitions of our next generation.”