Michoacan: They capture Manny Carrillo, head of the Plaza de Los Viagras in Parácuaro

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Manuel Carrillo “El Manny Carrillo”, alleged head of the La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM) cartel in the municipality of Parácuaro, was captured by members of the Mexican Army and the Ministerial Police, in an operation that allowed a search  of his safe house.
“El Manny Carrillo” was one of the main operators of the LNFM, under the direct orders of Nicolás Sierra Santana “El Gordo”, maximum leader of that cartel that has been reorganized with the release from prison of César Sepúlveda Arellano “El Botox”, second in command of this criminal organization.
According to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), “El Manny Carrillo” was detained in a safe house located on Calle 20 de Noviembre, in the Agrarian neighborhood, in the possession of an assault rifle, a pistol, and an armored suv.

“El Manny Carrillo” was a “reformed narco”  in the Self-Defense Groups that took up arms against the Los Caballeros Templarios cartel in 2013. Just last week, in Parácuaro it emerged that “El Manny Carrillo” was raised by LNFM hitmen, after the release from prison of César Sepúlveda “El Botox”, the latter who would be in charge of the reorganization of the Michoacán cartel.


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