Michoacan: The spirit of Mad Max lives in Mexico

Latin America World
Tepalcatepec, Michoacán – It seems the era of Mad Max has officially arrived upon the Mexican Republic for some time now. What Hollywood produces as mindless entertainment for the world has now become an actual reality for the the citizens of Michoacán. Armed civilians have taken to making crude armor plated war machines for their battle against rivals. Whatever it takes to win those battles are being used and employed in the ongoing narco war for supremacy between opposing groups. 
Video translation is as follows:
Male #1: There goes the armor plated vehicle. The armor plated vehicle is passing by.  Son of a fucking bitch! Look at the armor plated vehicle. Holy fuck. Look Chilin!
Male #2: Well, they’re gonna have to battle it out for surely. 
Male #3 : Damn! What a crazy monstrosity of a vehicle. 
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat 


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