Michoacan: Strong confrontation between police and sicarios in Carácuaro

Latin America World

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Cuarto.poder.michoacan 

A strong shootout confrontation was registered at noon this Sunday, between hitmen and state police, in the municipality of Carácuaro.
According to preliminary information, the armed clash occurred in the vicinity of the Cirián Dam, where the uniformed men were attacked with assault rifles of different calibers.
The policemen repelled the attack but they were outnumbered by the drug traffickers, they asked for the help of their colleagues, the National Guard and the Mexican Army.
Until now, the final number of dead or and injured is unknown.
It is worth mentioning that in Carácuaro cells of hired killers from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), and from the Nueva Familia Michoacana – the armed wing of Los Viagras – operate, where the control of that area of ​​’hot land’ in Michoacán is in dispute.
In Michoacán areas of dispute, growers of such products as avocado, and limes and other businesses are being double narco taxed (piso) from both Viagras and CJNG.


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