Michoacán: “El Mencho” stars in a CJNG video for the first time, “I am Mencho….my war is with El Abuelo”

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Although the speaker’s face is concealed, for what is the first time, El Mencho stars in his own CJNG message video as he challenges El Abuelo to come out and fight in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán.
Juan José Farías Álvarez, alias Abuelo Farías, leader of  Carteles Unidos in the municipality of Tepalcatepec.
C.U. is a coalition of several groups in Michoacán formed to defeat CJNG and prevent their taking control of Michoacán.
“People of Tepalcatepec, I am Mencho. I want to clarify that my war is against El Abuelo, also Tilí, Moy Farra, Chelo Pólvatas…. the people who raise weapons against my people.
“I ask all innocent people not to leave their houses, we do not want to harm you, you know well that I like to support the people, I always look after their well-being.”
“I repeat I Mencho, will fight the motherfucker El Abuelo.”
“And to the lowlife, Abuelo, stop sending stupid people [to fight] who do not even know how to hold a rifle.”
Mencho offers elements of the Tepalcatepec National Guard double the payment they allegedly receive from El Abuelo, if they do not get involved in the fighting.
“And you National Guard of Tepalcatepec… opposed to the pay that El Abuelo gives you, I offer you twice as much and without you needing to fight, as El Abuelo, has you do.
“I only care that you do not hinder my people when we go to fight.”
Early this morning, social media lit by residents in Tepalcatepec, reporting that there were clashes once again when CJNG entered the municipality.
CJNG has targeted the overtaking of Tepalcatepec and the “Carteles Unidos”, resulting in several clashes with an undetermined number of dead, burned property, burned vehicles, and roadblocks.
The active support of Abuelo by the people has made the CJNG effort to control the plaza more difficult.

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