michoacan cjng narco message with dismembered body left in morelia the state capital

Michoacan: CJNG Narco message with dismembered body left in Morelia, the state capital

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he dismembered body of a person in plastic bags was abandoned with a cartulina signed by a criminal group from Jalisco, in the streets of the Lomas de Santiaguito neighborhood.
The body of the dismembered person was located this morning north of the Michoacán capital, a few steps from the Peripheral Paseo de la República.  Morelia returns to a situation of territory warring between criminal groups.
The dismembered body in plastic bags was thrown in the streets Raza Yaqui corner with Raza Azteca of the aforementioned colony and were neighbors who alerted the police. The human body had on top a piece of cardboard with a narcomensaje written by the criminal group.

Staff of the State Prosecutor’s Office arrived at the place and started the investigation case and transferred the human remains to the forensic medical service.
So far the victim is unidentified and there are already six bodies dismembered and thrown in the streets of this capital and in the neighboring municipality of Tarímbaro.
Remember that last Tuesday also in the early morning were located on San José del Cerrito Avenue two bodies dismembered in plastic bags. Also in the colony El Realito a third corpse appeared in the same conditions.
While in the main street of the municipality of Tarímbaro appeared two other bodies, dismembered,  with a cardboard that revealed that they were all victims of the Jalisco criminal group.


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