Mexico wants the extradition of Genaro Garcia Luna, the Architect of Mexico’s drug war,indicted in U.S. for International Cocaine Distribution

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Mexico signals they want the former drug czar sent back to Mexico

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Mexico wants him back
The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) informed that once it has finished integrating its investigation case against Genaro García Luna, he will ask the United States for his extradition to Mexico.
“Once our investigation file has finished being integrated, the Control Judge will be asked for the arrest warrant for extradition against this person,” the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.
He also mentioned that García Luna  included in the file is  his alleged conspiracy in crimes of trafficking of cocaine, false statements to judicial authorities, bribery, co-participation in various crimes against health and organized crime, among others. [essentially the same as U.S.]
The Prosecutor’s Office said that the folder will be sent in due time to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to comply with the corresponding extradition
The Government of the United States accused and arrested in Texas Genaro García Luna, former Secretary of Public Security during the six-year term of Felipe Calderón, for allegedly serving the Sinaloa Cartel and receiving millionaire bribes in the period from 2006 to 2012.

The Department of Justice filed on December 4, four charges of drug trafficking and conspiracy against García Luna before the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York, in Brooklyn.

First court hearing today
Garcia Luna, the former Mexican chief of security under Calderon had his first court hearing  in Dallas today.
He gave up his right to an “identification hearing”, and spoke through a court appointed interpreter.
His hearing is scheduled for December 17.
The US federal sheriffs escorted Garcia Luna to the Court along with six other men, but they sat him separately in a corner, where he spoke briefly with a lawyer.
His hands and feet were handcuffed and he was dressed in blue sneakers, jeans and a zip-up sweater.
During the hearing, which lasted less than 10 minutes, a group of federal agents in civilian clothes lined up in front of the small and only public door in the courtroom.

The former secretary’s lawyer declined to comment or confirm her full name after the hearing.
Garcia Luna, who lives in Florida, was charged by the Brooklyn federal prosecutor’s office with three charges of illicit association for cocaine trafficking and lying in Citizenship application statements, authorities said in a statement Tuesday.
Brooklyn prosecutors said they will seek to move the former secretary to New York.

Federal prosecutor Richard P. Donoghue said the former official accepted millions of dollars in bribes from the then leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquín “El Chapo ” Guzmán,” when he controlled the Mexican federal police and was responsible for ensuring public safety in Mexico”.
On December 4, Judge Ramón E. Reyes, of Dallas, ordered the arrest of García Luna, who was arrested yesterday in a suburb of that city.


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