Memoir Recounts Life Spent “Honoring Our Creator”

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Honoring Our Creator

Honoring Our Creator

Link Thompson

Link Thompson

Link Thompson’s story shares profound spiritual realizations

NORTH DAKOTA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / — As an Air Force fighter pilot and civilian international airline pilot, author Link Thompson has beheld the splendors of the world firsthand and now shares the profound spiritual realizations he has had throughout his life. With his memoir, he recounts a life spent “Honoring Our Creator” to inspire readers on their own journeys of discovery.

Thompson explains that to honor the Creator is something beyond religion and is more about respecting the deity. To honor the Creator one must honor one’s inner voice, which he details in the pages of his book. His memoir is primarily for the benefit of his precious grandchildren but contains universal life lessons that he wishes to share with the world, including his perceptions on how the divine runs the universe and reality. Thompson expounds on his theories on the creation process, saying that when the Creator created all tangible and visible matter in reality, as well as those that are intangible and invisible, the Creator forged transmutable energy within the universe. Thompson says that this is what shifts from one form of matter to another, composing everything in existence.

He connects this concept with the creation of humanity, and he points out that humans have electrically-driven neural circuitry, which he says bears resemblance to the nature of the Creator who is invisible yet spiritually reachable, permeating all of existence. Thompson holds that this is what connects human beings with the entirety of the universe, for all that is within it is composed of the same energy. He then shows that spiritual actualization and access to the deeper truths of reality are granted by Christ due to his sacrifice on the cross.

“I felt a memoir book was becoming internalized for the benefit of my grandchildren, and a storyline filled with blessings by living in agreement with our Creator.” Thompson says, explaining his inspiration for this book.

“There are three main themes throughout my book,” he says. “They are faith, trust and expectation, and these positive energized themes enable our Creator to sense and respond with His children around the world or throughout His Universe.”

About the Author
Link Thompson served in the Air Force as a fighter pilot and then in the civilian aviation sector as an international airline pilot whose travels spanned most of the world. This has helped him gain a familiarity with most societies and nations as well as faiths.

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