Megan Rapinoe, Who Demands Trans Athletes Be Allowed to Compete Against Women, Goes Mum When Reporter Presses Her

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In April, has-been soccer player Megan Rapinoe, along with other athletes, signed a letter calling for the NCAA to ensure men claiming to be women be allowed to compete against women in sporting events.

The letter states, “We, the undersigned, call upon the NCAA, a governing body meant to serve athletes and our wellbeing, to ensure that the lifesaving power of sport is accessible to all athletes who compete in championship and emerging sports at and for NCAA-member institutions – including transgender athletes.”

The letter continues to say that banning men from women’s sports would “severely [limit] the capacity of your member institutions to protect and support their athletes.”

Despite her push for men to replace women, the US Women’s team has not fared well when men are in the mix. Retired male soccer players destroyed them in an embarrassing 12-0 victory.

In 2017, the US Women’s Soccer Team challenged a Dallas under-15 boys soccer team. The boys under 15 beat the US Women’s Soccer team 5-2.

When confronted in person by a reporter at the Seattle Pride Parade, where she was serving as the Grand Marshall, and asked to explain/defend her anti-woman stance, Rapinoe’s bluster seemed to evaporate.

The Post Millennial’s Katie Daviscourt asked, “Your US Women’s soccer team famously lost to high school boys, do you really think it’s fair for these same boys to be competing in girls’ sports?”

Rapinoe would not respond and hid behind a drinking cup while a security guard intervened.

From the Post Millennial:

“Do you think it’s fair? Why should trans people should compete against young girls? Do you think they’re gonna get hurt?”

Rapinoe did not respond at all, instead laughing and saying “oh my God” without acknowledging the reporter. In the background, chants for Gaza could be heard. It was only a few months ago that Rapinoe tried to cancel a women’s soccer player for speaking up for a young person who desisted from being trans.

#BREAKING: I asked Megan Rapino why she thinks it’s fair for boys to compete in women’s sports after her US women’s national team famously lost to a group of high school boys