MEATHEAD: Rob Reiner Makes Insane Statement About What Needs to Happen for ‘Democracy to Survive’

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Actor and director Rob Reiner may have the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome in all of Hollywood and that’s saying something.

The left wing Boomer recently made a statement on Twitter about what needs to happen in order for democracy to survive, that needs to be seen to believed.

He basically called for one-party rule.

Breitbart News reported:

Rob Reiner: ‘Democracy’ Can Only Survive if Trump Is Convicted and No Third-Party Candidates Allowed

In one of his most ironic proclamations to date, Rob Reiner declared that “democracy” can only survive if former President Donald Trump is imprisoned and all third-party candidates are prohibited from running.

Rob Reiner — who is one of Hollywood’s biggest cheerleaders for Joe Biden — made his absurd statement in a recent post to X, formerly known as Twitter.

Some prominent commentators have noted that Reiner’s call to prohibit all opposition candidates is fundamentally anti-democratic and would only serve to benefit Biden.

Here’s Reiner’s tweet:

Here are some reactions:

It’s like Reiner can’t even hear himself.

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