Measles in the United States

Sept. 13 � To the Editor:

In 2000, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared measles eradicated in the U. S. Now in 2019, confirmed cases of this highly contagious disease in 31 states, including Maine, N.H. and Mass., is the largest outbreak since 1992. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says the U.S. is in danger of losing its measles elimination status as early as next month, which would be a huge embarrassment for our country.

The mainstream media continues to blame the current outbreak on a few unvaccinated school children but that is simply not the root cause. While the anti-borders media and politicians seem to only care about family separations and illegal alien votes, there is another problem that apparently must not be spoken about. That is that high-volume unstructured immigration brings with it infectious diseases that are a threat to all Americans. However, this is a taboo subject and the Left has gone to great lengths to shut down any debate or mention of it.

Let’s look at the ever-expanding collection of facts and testimony from those on the ground at the border. Authorities recently confirmed dozens of measles cases in ICE detention centers. NPR recently interviewed a Border Patrol official who reported a large increase in migrants arriving with illnesses such as flu, measles, mumps, impetigo and even flesh-eating bacteria.

The Immigration and Nationality Act mandates that all immigrants and refugees undergo medical screening exams. The CDC also states that each new migrant shall receive a complete health assessment that includes screening for migrant-associated illnesses.

Currently at the border, immigration agents confirm that they are totally overwhelmed by the surge and there are not nearly enough doctors available to process everyone. Add to that our current policy of catch-and-release, and it’s not hard to see how migrants with untreated communicable diseases end up in schools, hospitals and other public places throughout the country.

Keep in mind that all of the reports on migrants with infectious diseases refer only to those who have passed through the custody of U.S. immigration officials. A huge number of aliens simply enter the U.S. illegally at any point along the border where there is no wall or point of entry. We have absolutely no idea what diseases they may carry or where they are in the country.

We are in desperate need of a wall and tight security on our southern border. A prudent immigration system that keeps the flow of migrants at a manageable number would then be possible and we would be able to provide necessary medical checks for all applicants.

John Allard


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