Mark Meadows to Newsmax: Narratives on Trump Spun to Sell Books, Not Truth

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The books coming out on the Trump administration are not about truth, according to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Newsmax, it is about spinning a narrative to sell a book.

“It’s all about people writing fiction, and pretending, and maybe actually taking a conversation, putting a different context on it, putting a different emphasis on it, but I can tell you the vast majority of the narrative that is out there is just not true,” Meadows told “Saturday Agenda.

“And at best what they’re doing is repeating a story that has been fictionalized and improvised to try to sell books,” he added to host Joe Pinion.

Meadows said he still speaks frequently with the former president, including just Friday and the fictional stories are appalling to both.

“We actually have had a number of conversations as it comes out with these books,” Meadows continued. “I verified with him: ‘I didn’t have the conversation, sir; you didn’t have the conversation; what is up with this?'”

“And I can tell you what is up with this: This is the fight the president had to have each and every day. It’s the swamp fighting back.”

The swamp refers to unelected career Washington, D.C., bureaucrats who pretend to hold power and sway in order to enrich themselves and sell narratives, Meadows said, but these people speaking out to make money did not have any influence over the White House that Meadows oversaw under Trump.

“In fact, you’ve got people within his own Cabinet that are now talking to these authors writing books, and they’re spinning stories they weren’t in the room where it happened,” Meadows said. “I can tell you that. They weren’t in the room where it happened.”

The room where it happened is a phrase from broadway musical “Hamilton” and was the title of a book written by former National Security Adviser John Bolton. Bolton was a former Pentagon official who was a part of the George W. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq, which Trump frequently rebuked as having destabilized the Middle East.

Bolton admitted to Newsmax last month he felt the need to rush the book to the American people to keep Trump from winning reelection.

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