Manzanillo, Colima: Marinas Secure 64 Kilos of Cocaine

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Manzanillo , Colima: The Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico secured 64.8 kilograms of cocaine that came from Peru and was destined for China.  

The drug was found inside a container that was transported by the vessel “San Francisco Bridge” that came from Callao, Peru.

A risk analysis in coordination with SEMAR, FGR and CUSTOMS triggered the inspection of the ship’s containers as it came from ports with a risk route. Marina and Aduana seized more than 40 packages of cocaine in containers of a ship in Colima, which was destined for China. 

The San Francisco Bridge, the vessel in which the drug cocaine was found inside a container from Peru was secured by the Navy in Colima, July 20, 2019 

When doing scans with X-ray images in the containers detected irregularities. In addition to realizing that the container did not have a padlock, and inside it was a black raffia bag, which contained rectangular packages of alleged drugs.

The seizure of the drug was carried out in coordination with Aduana Manzanilla and the Attorney General of the Republic, securing 55 rectangular packages with cocaine inside.
Marines and Criminal Investigation Agents seized more than 64.8 kilos of cocaine in Colima, they were hidden inside a container, They used X-rays to find them. Photo: Semar
The drug was secured and transferred by staff of the FGR to create the integration of the corresponding research folder.

The Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico works in coordination with dependencies of the three levels of government, to fight organized crime with the resources provided by the Law, always in strict adherence to Human Rights.