Madera, Chihuahua: Armed Confrontation Between Criminal Cells

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During an intervention by the District Attorney for the Western Zone, in response to a report of an alleged confrontation between armed civilians in the La Mesa del Huracán ejido, the bodies of two men were located at a sawmill, and another on a road.
In a statement, César Augusto Peniche Espejel, attorney general of the state of Chihuahua, said that he instructed the State Investigation Agency to initiate the investigations, to which elements of the State Security Commission and the Secretariat of National Defense adhered.
Subsequently, agents of the Public Ministry and expert services processed the scene in which the two bodies were found, one of them burned and the other with traces of violence on his face. Just as well they found 5.56X45 and 7.62X39 caliber shell casings.
Additionally, police and military agents carried out a foot patrol in the immediate surroundings. This due to the gunfire that was continued to be heard, reaching a site known as Las Carboneras, where they located a camp of armed civilians.
In said camp, conditioned to house approximately 80 people, magazines of heavy-caliber weapons were found. The military and police personnel dismantled the camp.
A third body of a man in a state of decomposition and eaten by wildlife was also found on the way to the La Mesa del Huracán ejido, when the military and police returned to the base of operations.
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