Lyle Rapacki Appears on Radio Program ‘Backstreet Gossip’ After White House Meeting With Trump Legal Team (VIDEO)

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(TCP News)  Last evening, Monday, January 4th, I was a guest on the one-hour TV/Podcast Show “Backstreet Gossip” which originates in Phoenix, Arizona.  HUB Radio/TV produces this program along with others, and is an up and coming platform.  The host, Ron Ludders, is a long-time Arizona resident, and former senior staff member to a former Arizona Governor, and has been involved with Arizona politics for several decades.  “Backstreet Gossip” is an hour long show without commercials which is unique nowadays.  The link below is an edited version by the producers so they could float it across their various platforms and links; it is 10-minutes only.  The full one-hour show will be available tomorrow from what I understand.   Thank you! ~LJR

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