LuxEurope Curates Bespoke Journeys in France, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, and the UK

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Luxury travel experience company, LuxEurope, unveils bespoke tours to the most iconic destinations in Europe

Our bespoke tours are designed to offer travelers an authentic connection to European destinations, far removed from typical tourist paths.”

— Kimberly Radelli, CEO of LuxEurope

NEW YORK, USA, July 3, 2024 / — With the resurgence of global travel post-pandemic, many tourists are increasingly seeking unique, curated experiences to avoid mass tourism and experience authentic cultural immersions. LuxEurope responds to this growing demand by offering bespoke luxury tours across some of Europe’s most captivating destinations: France, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, and the UK.

LuxEurope creates tailor-made itineraries based on individual preferences, ensuring that each journey is unique. After a personalized consultation, travel experts design a custom itinerary featuring luxurious accommodations, exclusive activities, and exceptional service.

“More people desire personalized and meaningful travel experiences,” stated Kimberly Radelli, CEO of LuxEurope. “Our bespoke tours are designed to offer travelers an authentic connection to European destinations, far removed from typical tourist paths.”

In France, travelers can savor fine wines in Bordeaux, take private tours of Parisian art galleries, and explore the charming villages of Provence. The Dalmatian coast in Croatia offers breathtaking views, personalized yacht trips and exclusive access to hidden bays and cultural sites. Guests in Greece can dive into the ancient history of Athens, relax on the pristine beaches of the Greek islands, and enjoy gourmet dining experiences. The Italy luxury tour highlights include relaxing beach days in Sardinia, the romantic canals of Venice, the historic ruins of Rome, and the scenic beauty of Tuscany’s vineyards and olive groves. Malta offers rich historical tours of ancient temples and fortresses complemented by private beach excursions.

The UK luxury tour offers a blend of history and modernity. Guests can enjoy private tours of London’s historic landmarks, including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey, blending royal heritage with contemporary culture. Additionally, travelers can explore the Cotswolds, including Badminton House, and Bath’s iconic Royal Crescent, homes to Lady Danbury and Penelope Featherington, featured in the hugely popular show, Bridgerton.

About LuxEurope
LuxEurope is a premier luxury travel company that specializes in bespoke tours across Europe. With decades of experience and a network of trusted connections, LuxEurope delivers exquisite travel experiences tailored to each traveler’s unique preferences. The company’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and personalized service ensures that every journey with LuxEurope is truly one of a kind for each guest.

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