LPD Chief: Supposed Cartel Kidnappings Should Not Be Of Public Concern

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Pictured is the Laredo Police Department headquarters located at 4712 Maher Ave.

A leaked Laredo police memo saying that the Cartel Del Noreste would carry out kidnappings in the Gateway City should not be of concern for the community, authorities said.

The “be on the lookout” or BOLO Situational Awareness report states that the LPD Real Time Crime Center is relaying information for the FBI advising that CDN sicarios are attempting to kidnap several “subjects” in Laredo.

“There are multiple sources indicating that subjects are already in Laredo. If any officer comes across a kidnapping case, USE EXTREME CAUTION …,” states the memo.

Acting Laredo Police Chief Steve E. Landin said the report was an internal document for the department, but it was sent to multiple agencies.

Landin further mentioned that the document got leaked somehow.

“Ultimately, it was not something random for the public.These kidnappings or alleged upcoming kidnappings that could be happening, it’s more about a crime organization against another. It wasn’t a threat to the general public,” Landin said.

It’s unclear which criminal organizations or local criminal gangs will be targeted.

Two cartels known to operate in the area aside from CDN are the Michoacan Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel The U.S. Attorney’s Office recently announced convictions and prison sentences for associates of those two cartels.

If people see anything suspicious, they can report the incident to police at 795-2800.

Laredo Morning Times