Los Viagras post message for CJNG

Latin America World

Death to that fuck J7 and Presidente Pilas. Just as well other people to finish off all the scums. I have schooling from life. And support from above. 
To finish off the scum they claim to have life’s schooling. Lol. Schooling from life? Kirin, you betrayed those who once lent you a hand so that they wouldn’t kill you on that day were they made an attempt against you. Or did you forget when men from the Ortega mountain came to charge you for the meth that you owed to the Cuahuayana municipality while they went about shooting everywhere? Just look now how well you paid the Auto defensas. Yesterday they gave you a hand. 

And now look how you pay them back. With betrayal, you and that gang of Tecatos, thieves, drug addicts, sicarios, and back stabbers. Now you and that gang of scums want to return to the fold. Supposedly to open the eyes of the municipality. The only thing you want to return to is to disrupt the order of things. To kill and kidnap innocent people. So that you can have them on forced labor like you’ve been doing with under age kids. 

While they sell drugs without pay. And are sent to kidnap people from other parts of the Colima state. At the same time leaving dead people everywhere. It’s more than clear that the municipality doesn’t want this. The municipality wants peace. It wants liberty. It wants to be able to travel anywhere without fear. Or having to worry about anything. 

It doesn’t want to live in any fear or danger. Which has recently been this way up until now. In the Cuahuayana municipality we want peace. And that it maintains itself clean and free of any dirty ass cartel. Or scum such as yourselves. 


Sol Prendido Borderland Beat TY Gus source #border