Live: Follow developments as Novak Djokovic faces being deported from Australia

Australia World

Earlier, former Australian Open director Paul McNamee spoke to the ABC, saying Djokovic was, to his knowledge, the only player in the history of the Australian Open to ever have his visa rescinded.

Obviously, we would have to understand what the technicalities are but every player and support member fills in a form, visa 408, and everyone does that, you are guided through it by Tennis Australia, every step of the way, and then you get approval, that is the process.

When you are talking about the vaccination issue in the exemption issue, Novak Djokovic, he rolled the dice on that. He clearly chose not to be vaccinated, and rolled his dice, whether an exemption would be approved.

He received that at the last minute. If he did not get that exemption he was not coming to Australia, he was following the rules. You might be angry that he was given an exemption, but players need to have confidence that the rules that they abide by going to be enforced, so if this is something to with the vaccination in the exemption, for me that’s not fair. That’s not fair.

He added “there is no doubt there is some disconnect between the state and the federal government”.