Life On A U.S. Navy Destroyer (Documentary Video)

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Warzone/The Drive: This Mini Documentary Shows What A Sailor’s Life Is Like Aboard A U.S. Navy Destroyer

The Navy runs on youth and it is downright amazing how hard young sailors work to make the Navy’s mission possible every single day around the globe.

At any given time, thousands of U.S. Navy sailors are plowing the seas all around the world, and sometimes in some very rough neighborhoods in which relative peace and turn into outright hostility in a matter of seconds. We hear quite a bit from the officers aboard everything from supercarriers to nuclear submarines, but not enough from those who actually make the Navy’s goals even remotely achievable, the enlisted crew, some of who aren’t even old enough to legally consume alcohol. This stark reality is precisely why I really enjoyed this mini-documentary that gives sailors’ perspectives of life aboard the Navy’s most numerous surface combatant, the Arleigh Burke class destroyer, in this case, USS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60).


WNU Editor: A lot of young people aboard this ship.

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