Libya’s Eastern Government Asks Egypt To Intervene In War To Counter Turkish Military Support For The Government In The West

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The battle lines have solidified near Sirte, a central city on the Mediterranean coast [File: Ayman Al-Sahili/Reuters]

Reuters: Eastern-based Libyan parliament asks Egypt to intervene in war

TUNIS (Reuters) – Libya’s eastern-based parliament has called for Egypt to directly intervene in the country’s civil war to counter Turkish support for the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA), based in the capital Tripoli.

In a statement late on Monday, the House of Representatives based in the eastern port of Tobruk said Egyptian backing was needed to stave off what it described as a Turkish invasion and occupation.

The statement underscores the growing stakes in Libya, where battle lines solidified earlier this month near the city of Sirte, after the GNA and Turkey drove the eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA) back from a yearlong assault on Tripoli.

Libya has been divided since 2014 between the GNA in Tripoli and a rival eastern administration in Benghazi, where LNA commander Khalifa Haftar has dominated. There is also a separate House of Representatives based in Tripoli.


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