LIBERAL TEARS: Leftists Rage Online Over Failed Impeachment Of President Donald Trump

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Liberals all across the internet are expressing their grievances after the Senate voted 57-43 to acquit President Donald Trump from his second impeachment trial.

President Trump was the first President in the history of the United States to be impeached and acquitted twice. He is also the first President in history to be tried by the Senate after already leaving office, a maneuver that many argued was unconstitutional.

Following the final Senate vote, liberals were quick to take to the internet to rage over the latest Trump victory.

One notable account on Twitter known as “Biden Voters Posting Their L’s Online” tweeted out screenshots of liberals on Reddit complaining about the impeachment failure.

Some liberals are so upset that they are utilizing the notorious “all caps rage” format to drive their point across.

Meena Harris, the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, had this to say:

However, it is unclear how acquitting the former President of impeachment charges relating to the Capitol Hill incident on January 6 has anything to do with white supremacy. That has not stopped liberals from making similar false claims online.

The Washington Post’s Karen Attiah, the so-called NABJ “Journalist of the Year,” tweeted this:

Ironically, liberals were counting on Senator Mitch McConnell to vote to convict President Trump, given that the Republican senator played a major role in launching the impeachment procedures.

Senator Mitch McConnell reportedly utilized the impeachment process as means to pressure President Trump to not pardon Edward Snowden or Julian Assange in the final days of his term. One could argue that this decision to vote for Trump’s acquittal could partially be because the looming threat of a Snowden or Assange pardon is no longer on the table, now that Biden has assumed the Presidency.

Among the overwhelming majority of Democrats in the Senate, 7 establishment Republicans sided with their Democrat counterparts to convict President Trump. As National File reported, the 7 Republican senators include:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC)

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

President Trump released a statement regarding the historic acquittal through the Office of the Former President, as National File reported.

“I want to first thank my team of dedicated lawyers and others for their tireless work upholding justice and defending truth,” wrote President Trump. “My deepest thanks as well to all of the United States Senators and Members of Congress who stood proudly for the Constitution we all revere and for the sacred legal principles at the heart of our country.”

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