Let Me Reiterate Something About Our Education System Big Tech Clearly Doesn’t Want Me to Say

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Going into 2024, there are a myriad of things that could be considered incredibly important things that candidates should offer plans for because they’re too important not to address, but in my honest opinion, the one that is the most important out of all of them is the issues in our school system. 

As loyal readers have likely seen, almost a story a day pops up talking about something that was uncovered in a local school that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 

These are horrid things like teachers keeping secrets with children from the parents, like discussions of sex, sexuality, and gender identity. This also includes attempting to force parents out of any say about what their children are taught and putting porn into elementary school libraries that feature graphic depictions of homosexual acts. 

These are just a few examples out of the hundreds that we’ve written about in just the past couple of years. 

It reveals a very disturbing fact; Activists have infiltrated our school systems and are working to teach your child something that they have no business learning. 

Over the past couple of days, you were introduced to Jaiden of Colorado Springs. As you’ve likely read by now, Jaiden is a patriotic child who wears a Gadsden flag patch on his backpack, a patch that his teachers at The Vanguard School had an issue with. A school staff member called his mother in to discuss it and attempted to lie to the mother’s face about how the patch was representative of slavery and the slave trade. The mother corrected the woman who then reverted to saying she was just enforcing policy. 

I reported on Jaiden’s saga, continuing with an update discussing how Jaiden was refusing to back down from the school and that, due to the national backlash, the school had canceled an upcoming “Back to School Night,” which I said was likely canceled because the staff knew it would turn into an angry town hall. 

(Update: The Gadsden Kid Is Undefeated, Has His School Running for the Hills)

As Jennifer Van Laar reported on Thursday, Google seemed to take issue with this article and demonetized it on our site. Their excuse? They called it “dangerous and derogatory.” 

True to form, Google didn’t tell us exactly what was dangerous or derogatory about the article leaving us to guess. Van Laar pondered what lines might have done it and while she couldn’t find anything dangerous or derogatory, she guessed it was a singular line within a paragraph, and I have to concur with her guess: 

The school has demonstrated a deep problem within America’s education system, spanning from public to private. Activists posing as educators have infiltrated America’s school system so deeply that parents can’t trust any of these institutions. Too many incidents have popped up and continue to pop up as these radical activists turn these schools into indoctrination centers more than actual schools. 

This is what I can’t seem to help but think Google believes is “dangerous and derogatory” as it casts suspicion on teachers and school staff as being political operatives instead of educators and/or people who care deeply for children. 

Good. That was my intent. 

As I said during my live stream about this subject, what many people don’t really think about when it comes to schools is that it’s a bunch of grown adult strangers talking to your child behind your back for hours and hours a day. While you’re at work trying to keep a roof over your child’s head and put food on the table for them to eat, these teachers and school staff have unfettered access to the minds of your child. 

To be sure, there are educators out there who really do care about the children and their education. They wake up in the morning excited about the prospect of introducing your child to facts and concepts they didn’t have before and can carry with them for the rest of their lives. These teachers are pretty self-evident and you can probably think of a few you met in your own childhood. I know I can. 

However, these stories about these activist activities in schools have become common and increasingly so. As Colorado Springs proves, even schools in red areas can be infected. Activists are activists because they actively work toward their goal, and if your goal is to spread your ideological influence, then schools are too juicy of a target to pass up. Every authoritarian and dictator in history knew that seizing the minds of the young was the path to securing power for the future, and leftist radicals aren’t any different now than they were then in countries like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. 

With all the issues in our school system today, it’s only logical to keep an eye on your child’s school and see to it that it remains on the up and up. It behooves you and especially your children to let teachers and staff know that you’re watching and won’t tolerate political, sexual, or social justice indoctrination. 

With that said we now have to ask the question; Why does Google have such an issue with this concept? 

I think in their move to censor my article they exposed one of their deeper concerns. They don’t care about people learning about what’s going on in schools. In fact, they can pass off my writing as the crazy rantings of some far-right personality who probably wears a MAGA hat to bed. What they really don’t like is the suggestion that parents shift their perspective about schools and take action about it. That would disrupt the left’s entire strategy and activate the most powerful unofficial political party in America; American parents. 

So they sent that shot across RedState’s bow and provided a message without providing a message. 

“Don’t talk this way about teachers and the school system.” 

They haven’t met me, or the rest of the writers at RedState. Now we’re only going to talk about it more. If they’re so scared about us discussing it that they’re willing to choke off our ad revenue, then we must be over the target. They can strip our ad revenue all they like, and fact-checkers and news grading agencies can come at us all day, but this subject is too important. 

Our children aren’t their children, they’re our children, and we’re going to fight to the bitter end for them.

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