Leaked U.S. Memo: Turkey Pursuing ‘Intentioned Ethnic Cleansing’ In Syria

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Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army fighters are seen at a training camp in Azaz, Syria January 21, 2018. REUTERS/Osman Orsal

Zero Hedge: Leaked US Memo Confirms NATO Ally Turkey Pursuing “Intentioned Ethnic Cleansing” In Syria

Though Erdogan has never made a secret of his desire to redraw Syria’s map of Kurds and Arabs via his Turkish military incursion in northern Syria, and in the months prior to his ordering the operation even made statements tantamount to an open policy of ethnic cleansing, it was surprising how easily the White House gave the green light a month ago despite Ankara’s stated aims.

But now a leaked internal US government memo published by The New York Times spells it out clearly, and underscores the fact that everyone in Washington knows NATO’s second largest military is now engaged in ongoing ethnic cleansing. The internal State Department memo states bluntly the Turks are conducting “an intentioned-laced effort at ethnic cleansing”.


WNU Editor: Turkish President Erdogan has been very blunt that his goal is to resettle 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey to this part of Syria that has been home to the Kurdish population for generations. If that is not ethnic cleansing, then what is? The complete leaked memo is here …. Read the Memo by a U.S. Diplomat Criticizing Trump Policy on Syria and Turkey (New York Times)

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