las marucheras do women command in the northeast cartel

“Las Marucheras”, do women command in the Northeast Cartel?

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“Here we are and we won’t leave, we’ve come to the battle”, with this message starts a video spreading on social networks where women who belong to a cell of the drug trafficking group of the Northeast Cartel (CDN) known as” Las Marucheras “are heard.
The images show that they travel through the streets of the municipality of Reynosa in the border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Apparently in search of members of rival groups, despite the strong presence of Mexican authorities in that entity.

Recall that the structure of the Northeast Cartel has stood out for having amongst their leaders women, as is the case of Ana Isabel Treviño Morales, detained on November 28, 2017. She is accused of having formed this criminal group with her nephew, José Francisco “El Kiko” Treviño Chávez, the remnants still loyal to the Treviño family after the arrest of Miguel Ángel and Omar Treviño Morales, who once led Los Zetas.
The operations center of Ana Isabel Treviño Morales and the Northeastern Cartel has been the state of Tamaulipas, the same territory where Los Zetas grew up and an important part of the cartel were young minors such as “Las Marucheras” that can be heard in the video. Since then it was known that he hired them to report what happened in places where the cartel operated, something that apparently the current leader of the organization continues to do.
According to authorities, Ana Isabel Treviño Morales was characterized for having control of various activities linked to smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, forced disappearances and homicides.
Another clear example of how women have a significant presence in the Northeast Cartel is Daniela “N”, known as “La Güera”, who at age 23 became head of hired assassins of the organization until she was arrested on April 8, 2019. 
Who at a young age was sent to Ciudad Victoria, to murder the anti-kidnapping prosecutor, Lucia Patricia Butrón Rivera.
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