Lara Trump on President Trump’s Debate Performance, “It Was the Best Debate of His Political Career”(VIDEO)

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Lara Trump was on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning to discuss President Trump’s debate performance.

“How is President Trump, your father-in-law doing, after that debate. What is the latest that you can share with us?” Bartiromo asked.

“He’s doing great, obviously, I think it was a unanimous win for him,” Lara Trump said.

“You don’t hear as much about what a great performance he himself actually had in that debate. Look, I think it was the best debate of his political career,” Lara Trump said.

“He obviously won that hands down and not just because Joe Biden was so far gone and so embarrassing, really to watch on the stage he really knew and understood what has to happen to bring this country back,” Lara Trump continued.


They also discussed a hypothetical situation if Kamala Harris was running against President Trump.

“What are the odds that President Trump is competing against Kamala Harris in November?” Bartiromo asked.

“It’s a bad situation all around for the Democrats because look, in order for them to put someone else in to run, they have to get Joe Biden either to quit or they have to remove him as you noted, via the 25th amendment,” Lara Trump said.

“Kamala Harris polls just about as bad if not worse in a lot of cases than Joe Biden,” Lara Trump continued.

“Regardless, if it’s Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump’s polls show us right now that the American people are behind him,” Lara Trump continued.


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