‘La Gente Nueva del Tigre’ Announces La Línea Members Will Be Killed Off. Narco Banners Are Left On Central Streets Of Guachochi; They Threaten To Take Over The Municipality: Chihuahua

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July 3, 2024

” La Gente Nueva del Tigre announces La Línea will be targeted. 
Narco banners are left on the central streets of Guachochi; they threaten to take over the municipality.
Guachochi, Chihuahua – Several narco banners with a message were left in the central streets of Guachochi; it was reported that the message threatened to take over the municipality in the next few days and threatened a curfew.
On Tuesday morning it was reported that several tarpaulins were found with a message from a criminal group operating in the municipality of Guachochi.
This generated the mobilization of the authorities in the place, who found them hanging on road signs in the center of the town, being personnel of the National Guard who secured the banners for investigation.
Inside the tarps, you can read the following message: 
To all the people who are supporting the pigs, please get out of Guachochi or face the consequences “We already have a list of who they are” The pigs that you are supporting are going to be worth a damn and you fucking pig of palapas along with your fucking cock suckers are going to get fucked up, we are fed up with pigs in Guachochi. A new owner has arrived  Sincerely,  Gente Nueva
From 10 pm onwards I don’t want people on the street because we are not going to respond.
In view of this situation and due to the content of the tarpaulins, this morning a security meeting was held between the different levels of government.
This fact was brought before the different authorities, who agreed to send another group of Interinstitutional Operations Base (B.O.I.) to be implemented in the municipality of Guachochi.’