Kurds Strike A Deal With Damascus. Syrian Army To Deploy To Face Turkish Military Offensive

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The Guardian: Kurds reach deal with Damascus in face of Turkish offensive

Agreement to hand over border towns comes after more than 700 Isis affiliates escape camp

More than 700 people with links to Islamic State have escaped from a detention camp in north-east Syria, as the Kurdish-led forces in control of the area reached a deal with the Assad regime to stave off a bloody five-day-old Turkish assault.

Kurdish fighters controlling the region would surrender the border towns of Manbij and Kobane to Damascus in a deal brokered by Russia, officials said on Sunday night.


WNU Editor: President Trump gave a hint on Friday that something was in the works when he said that he hoped that Russia would step in to protect the Kurds. And make no mistake about this Syrian government – Kurd agreement, both Russia and the U.S. are behind it. For the Syrian government this is a huge win. They are now able to claim that they have re-establish their authority over a third of Syria. For the Russians this is also a win, though it will damage their relations with Turkey. For the U.S., they can now leave this quagmire and give the responsibility of it to someone else. For the Kurds. They may lose their independence in their dealings with Syria, but they are now safe from the Turks (maybe). For the Turks, Erdogan now has the choice of continuing the offensive and facing a coalition of Syria/Kurds/Russian forces (with no support from the U.S. and European governments), or back down. My gut tells me that he is going to back down, not only losing his credibility with his European and American allies, but more importantly, not being able to accomplish his goal of forming a 30 km. buffer along the border. This is what happens when you act impulsively in the Middle East. You always get burned. I also expect Erdogan to unleash another migrant wave of refugees to Europe as retaliation.

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