KT edit: A new era in the Middle East

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A visa-free travel option for UAE nationals to Israel and a mutual recognition for Israelis wanting to visit the UAE is a sign of the high trust the leadership of the two nations have shown in each other. It is a green signal for all the future partnerships and collaborations that can potentially make up for lost time and allow Israelis and Emiratis to set a speedy pace for developments that are based on common goals and aspirations. The sky is the limit when people of different faiths come together and seek progress through collaborative efforts.

Since the signing of the peace deal in the lawns of the White House, Israel and UAE have inked a number of commercial deals and are looking for greater cooperation that won’t just benefit the two countries but also the people of Middle East and North Africa. The setting up of the $3-billion Abrahamic Fund along with the US International Development Fund is emblematic of this ambition. The venture will focus on infrastructure, energy security, and agricultural productivity in the region – areas that need to be developed to uplift the living standards of people. Decades of the stand-off with Israel didn’t do any good to the region. It is time to join hands and explore the vast potential that economic and social collaboration can bring. This is truly the beginning of a new era in the Middle East.