Kilmeade, Fox Run Defense of McCarty Despite Failure to Impeach Biden

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Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Brian Kilmeade and the DeSantis News Network, also known as Fox News, ran cover for Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz rightfully criticized Kilmeade and Fox for running cover for the Speaker. Oddly, disgraced Congressman Eric Swalwell came to Fox and McCarhty’s defense. In an exclusive with NationalFile, Gaetz promised to hold the Speaker accountable for his failed promises.

Kilmeade said on Fox, ” Just look at McCarthy slot, he’s not slow walking anything. Matt Gaetz is just speaking into the wind.”

Gaetz responded by sharing Fox’s clip and posting on X, “Hey Brian – Where are the single-subject appropriations bills? Where is the subpoena for Hunter Biden? Where is the Mayorkas impeachment Kevin was gaslighting in Dec/Jan? Asking for a friend.”

Rep. Swawell came to Fox’s and McCarthy’s defense posting, “I’ve never seen a colleague make more empty threats — day in/day out than this guy. Gaetz folded like a cheap card table to make McCarthy speaker and will never — I repeat never — make a motion to remove McCarthy. I do not work with serious people.”

Gaetz responded to Swawell’s defense of Fox and McCarthy by posting, “Hi, Eric. If I make a motion to remove Kevin, how many democrat votes can I count on? Asking for a friend….”

In an exclusive, Gaetz told NationalFile, “It’s productive that McCarthy has signaled a change in position on the J6 tapes after my social media post, But we will measure success by actions, not promises. And there is much more to do, This may be moving the ball one yard. Ninety-nine to go.”

Congress will soon return from August Recess. If Speaker McCarthy fails to Defund the Trump witch hunts, release the J6 tapes and impeach Biden, Gaetz and allies will move to vacate the Chair.

The ball is now in Speaker McCarthy’s court. Stay with NationalFile as the critical 2023 fall session of Congress kicks off.

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