Karine Jean-Pierre Gives Laughable Excuse for Biden Walking Out of Medal of Honor Ceremony

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Does Karine Jean-Pierre think you are stupid? It certainly seems that way after the White House press secretary delivered a laughable excuse for Joe Biden’s early exit from a Medal of Honor ceremony on Tuesday. 


As RedState reported, the ceremony was being held to honor U.S. Army Cpt. Larry Taylor, who heroically served as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Everything started off normal enough, even if Biden’s salute was a little clumsy. Attendees were left confused, though, after the president suddenly bolted from the stage and out the back of the room, leaving Taylor standing alone before the ceremony was closed with a benediction. 

According to Jean-Pierre, that was “done on purpose.” What was the reason? According to her, the president wanted to limit how much he exposed those in attendance after his wife, Jill Biden, recently tested positive for COVID-19. 

So let me get this straight. The White House was so worried about Biden possibly passing COVID-19 to those in the room that he couldn’t stand there an extra few minutes to hear the closing prayer, but it was fine for him to be there in the first place? And if he didn’t want to expose the audience, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to let the audience members leave first so he doesn’t prance right through the middle of them? I mean, come on. That doesn’t begin to make sense. 


Think about it. If Biden was recently exposed to COVID-19 via his wife, and the administration is of the belief that he could pass the virus to others, then there’s no justification to have him in the room at all. Personally, I doubt there was any danger to anyone, and certainly, the discussion of masks between Jean-Pierre and the reporter is hilarious to me given what we know about their lack of efficacy, but the White House certainly thinks masks work. 

Given that, wasn’t it inappropriate and dangerous for Biden to remove his mask within inches of another elderly gentleman? Isn’t that a breach of protocol, especially given Jean-Pierre goes on to claim that the president will be wearing a mask when meeting with world leaders soon? 

To be frank, I’m not buying any of this. I think Biden simply got confused and left the ceremony earlier because that’s exactly the kind of thing he would do. These attempts to backfill an explanation just come across as dumb and unbelievable. 

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