john boehner praises mitch mcconnells steady hand

John Boehner Praises Mitch McConnell’s ‘Steady Hand’


Former House Speaker John Boehner had nothing but good things to say about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a new story.

Writing for the “Time 100,” Time magazine’s list of the most influential people, Boehner said his fellow Republican serves with bipartisanship in mind.

“Washington in recent years has been described as a place that lurches from crisis to crisis,” Boehner wrote. “One person has done more to defuse these crises time and again than any other individual in American government. His steady hand at the tiller of the U.S. Senate has been a source of stability for our economy and certainty in our tumultuous political process.”

Boehner went on to compliment McConnell’s knowledge of “parliamentary procedure” and how things run in the Senate chamber.

“He has shaped the direction of the Supreme Court for generations to come,” Boehner wrote. “He has done this while staying true to the priorities of the people from his beloved home state of Kentucky, who with good reason have entrusted him to be their voice in Washington.

“My friend Mitch McConnell is that leader. Whatever your politics or ideological inclinations may be, you and your family have been the beneficiaries of his experienced leadership in a challenging moment in our country’s history. Our nation is blessed by his service and the wisdom he brings to high office.”

McConnell has served in the Senate since 1985 and became minority leader in 2007, serving in the post until 2015 when Republicans took control of the chamber. He has been the majority leader since.

Boehner represented Ohio in the House from 1991-2015. His time as speaker lasted from 2011-2015.

It was reported in December that Boehner is writing a memoir on his time in office.