Joe Biden Really Sells Trump In His Latest Campaign Ad

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The Biden campaign has released another heavily jump-cut video of Biden making the pitch to reelect him as President and to be honest, he really sells his Republican opponent, Trump, as the better option. 


This video focuses on the destruction of Roe v. Wade, where Biden puts Trump at the center of the blame as he appointed the Supreme Court justices that tipped the court into leaning pro-life and destroying the ruling that previously controlled whether states could control abortion in their jurisdictions. 

Biden and his team centered it around what Trump “says about your freedom,” then quoted a then-Twitter post where Trump spiked the football after Roe’s death. 

“After 50 years of failure, with nobody coming even close, I was able to kill Roe v. Wade,” Trump tweeted then. 

“Two years ago, the Supreme Court justices that Trump handpicked helped overturn Roe v. Wade,” Biden said. 

The video then cuts to “news reports” calling abortion a “Constitutional right.” 

“Decades of progress shattered just because the last guy got four years in the White House,” Biden continued. “We know what will happen if he gets another four.”

Biden then shows the obligatory footage from January 6, because why not? Then Biden references a story from that beacon of journalistic integrity, “Rolling Stone,” about how Trump is going to try to ban abortion nationwide. Then, utilizing New York Times and NBC News articles to claim that Trump will ban birth control and IVF. 


“We’re up against extremism,” Biden continued. “Send me back to the White House, and I’ll fight like hell to restore Roe v. Wade and protect American freedom.”


Firstly, let’s get some things straight. Republicans aren’t coming for IVF. The GOP is generally supportive of IVF, but wants to make sure a code of ethics around the embryos are actually followed. In fact, as the National Review highlights, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out a memo urging Republican candidates to reaffirm its support for IVF: 

In response to the Alabama supreme court’s recent ruling that frozen embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are considered children, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is urging its candidates to “clearly and concisely reject efforts by the government to restrict IVF,” citing public-opinion polling that suggests the overwhelming majority of Americans support the fertility treatments.

When responding to the Alabama Supreme Court ruling, it is imperative that our candidates align with the public’s overwhelming support for IVF and fertility treatments,” NRSC executive director Jason Thielman wrote in a February 23 memo to Senate candidates, first reported by National Review. “By advocating for increased access to these services, opposing restrictions, and emphasizing the importance of supporting families in their journey to conceive, our candidates can demonstrate compassion, respect for family values, and a commitment to individual freedom.”


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The same can be said for birth control. The Democrats attempted to push a contraceptive bill through in an attempt to make Republicans vote against it so they can turn around and say Republicans are interfering in “reproductive rights.” What Democrats aren’t telling you is why Republicans voted against it. As per Politico, the bill would have forced religious organizations to provide contraception and gender-affirming care to their employees: 

Some GOP senators who voted against the legislation told POLITICO they believed it would force religious organizations to provide both contraception and gender-affirming care to their employees — pointing to language in the bill that says its protections for patients’ right to contraception applies regardless of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“A judge could basically force Catholic schools and others to violate their religious conscience,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in an interview Tuesday, adding that he had not read the entire bill. “And I actually think it can be used by a judge at some point to mandate what they call gender change procedures.”

These claims fall apart if you peek behind the curtain. 


But all in all, if Trump was able to set the stage for the destruction of a highly contentious Supreme Court decision that took control out of the hands of states to decide for themselves about whether they wanted to allow or even fund abortion, then it only makes him sound like a man who can get things done. Toppling Roe was something many Republicans thought impossible, yet here we are. 

What else can Trump help accomplish? 

A complete defunding of Planned Parenthood? The destruction of some of the alphabet agencies? A rewrite of our tax code? 

I’m not sure, but Biden sure is making Trump sound even more appealing. 

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