It’s Time for the Press to Apologize to Robert Hur

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As quickly as the news cycle moves, it’s easy to forget absurdities that occurred only a few months ago. Sometimes, it’s worth looking back and Robert Hur’s report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified misinformation has turned out to be a canary in the coal mine. 


Despite releasing Biden from criminal liability for his criminal actions, the former special counsel was hammered by the press and the White House back in February. Instead of taking the win, they colluded to claim Hur was not only biased but that he had operated improperly by revealing the current president’s memory issues. Biden even went so far as to lie about the situation. 

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“There’s even reference that I don’t remember when my son died. How the hell dare he raise that? Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it isn’t any of their damn business.”

It took several weeks, but it was eventually revealed by the transcript and Hur’s congressional testimony that it was Biden who brought up his son’s death. In doing so, he forgot what year it occurred. Naturally, the press didn’t bother to walk back any of their prior criticisms and still suggested any mention of the president’s condition in the report was political and out of bounds. 


Keep in mind, they weren’t even denying that what Hur wrote about Biden was true. They were upset because he dared to alert the public. 

That’s in stark contrast to the recent press turnaround in which many are now claiming they were duped by the White House about the president’s condition. Even Joe Scarborough, featured in the above clip, all but called for Biden to drop out of the race following his disastrous debate performance. 

Here’s the issue. They knew. This idea that the president’s senility so some fresh, grand revelation is simply false. Put aside that sites like RedState have been reporting on Biden’s mental and physical decline for years. Hur, a career DOJ official and registered Democrat, told them the truth, and what did they do? They viciously attacked him for it. 


So no, the members of the press weren’t duped. They are just dishonest hacks who thought they could get away with fooling the public as long as Biden’s handlers could keep him securely in bubble wrap for long enough. The debate blew the wheels off the wagon, and now multitudes of “journalists” and their mainstream publications are scrambling to save face. Yet, just a few weeks prior, they were accusing conservatives who were exposing Biden’s condition of creating “cheap fakes.” 

Oh, they knew, and they have zero credibility left. If they’d like to try to regain some, there are hundreds of media figures who owe Hur an apology. 

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