Israelis Go To The Polls Tomorrow. Will The Attack On Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facilities Influence The Result?

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NPR: Netanyahu Fights To Hang On In Another Israeli Election. Here’s What To Know

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, faces his toughest political battle for survival in years, as the country holds unprecedented repeat elections Tuesday.

This is the second time Israelis are going to the polls in less than six months. Netanyahu, 69, forced the do-over in a last-minute move, just weeks after April elections, because he secured a narrow win but failed to build a parliament majority.

The results of Tuesday’s elections may be just as inconclusive, casting a cloud on Netanyahu’s political future and potentially prompting yet another round of elections.


WNU Editor: Tensions are sky-high in the Middle East right now, with talk of war being covered 24/7. Will Israeli voters decide to change their government in the middle of this crisis? I am willing to bet that the answer is no, and PM Netanyahu will gain enough support to retain power.

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