Israeli Intel Agent Infiltrates Twitter Space to Promote ADL Censorship

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023

A former Canadian Ambassador to Israel with deep ties to Israeli intelligence deleted her Twitter account after she was caught infiltrating a Twitter space for the purpose of promoting the Anti-Defamation League’s censorship policies.

Vivian Bercovici, a former Canadian Ambassador to Israel who holds dual Canadian-Israeli citizenship infiltrated Mario Nawfal’s ADL Files Twitter space to back the ADL’s censorship regime program that the far-left Jewish pressure group is trying to enforce on social media. After claiming that she was the victim of people saying “all kinds of horrible things” to her “because I’m Jewish,” Bercovici was called out by Substack writer Keith Woods as an Israeli intelligence officer.

“I have been accused of all kinds of horrible things personally because I’m Jewish,” said Bercovici, claiming that her Twitter messages are full of people attacking her for her dual Canadian and Israeli citizenship and telling her that she “can’t be trusted.”

“Well Vivian, I have a question,” Woods interjected. “If we’re talking about conflict of interest, is it true you work for an Israeli intelligence firm called Black Cube?”

Bercovici attempted to deny her Israeli intelligence work, which is detailed on her Wikipedia profile, before abruptly exiting the space and deleting her account.

Listen to the exchange below: 

As Woods mentioned during his exchange with Bercovici, the dual Canadian-Israeli citizen’s ties to Israeli intelligence are documented on her Wikipedia profile, which cites a May 2021 report from the CBC announcing that the “former Canadian Ambassador to Israel worked for Black Cube, an Israeli intelligence firm.”

The “controversial private sector company [is] composed of ex-members of the Mossad [and] other Israeli intelligence agencies,” the report adds.

The intelligence firm worked with Jewish film director and convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein to block media coverage of his criminal cases and to dig for damaging information on his accusers, among other things.

Citing messages sent by Bercovici to potential Black Cube clients, the CBC reported that, due to her work with Israeli intelligence, Bercovici can offer a “wide range of services, such as undercover surveillance, finding hidden information about third parties’ personal lives and tracing bank accounts and assets.”

After her Israeli loyalties and work with Black Cube were revealed, Bercovici accused the CBC of antisemitism.

The outing of Bercovici and her work with Israeli intelligence comes as Elon Musk’s X Corp is engaged in a tug of war with the Anti-Defamation League, which has set upon Twitter since Musk’s purchase of the social media platform, demanding that he follow their censorship guidelines or face “dire consequences.”

Musk has threatened to sue the ADL, which has ordered advertisers to pull out of Twitter, though X Corp CEO Linda Yaccarino recently met with the group and the Twitter/X platform is continuing to enforce ADL-style censorship policies to some degree.

Recently, there has been an uptick in the banning and suspensions of conservative accounts and increased public aggression by the ADL, prompting users to tweet the hashtag “#BanTheADL”, which trended on the platform last week.

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