Israeli DJ Perplex Shot Dead at Rave in SLP

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                                Armed Command breaks into SLP rave, they kill DJ Perplex

By: Blanca Cortés Martínez , June 29, 2019

On Saturday morning, gunfire was reported in a ballroom in the Cerro de la Campana neighborhood of Tierra Blanca, in San Luis Potosí , where, unfortunately, the DJ – an Israeli national – Ronen Dahan aka Perplex was shot dead by an armed commando who interrupted the gathering.
Approximately 6 o’clock when they received the report of the detonation, so immediately investigating agents came to the place and found the body of a man who carried IDs in the name of Dahan , 45 , who was the DJ of the rave. He was from Haifa and his family has been notified of his death.

This was confirmed by the Attorney General, who also announced that another person died and two more were injured , so the Police Investigators are  already taking the necessary measures.

One more person died in a hospital, who was identified as Álvaro, aged 31, and two other men were injured and received medical care, which are reported to be stable. 
According to the first investigations, people were gathered in the salon when  armed men arrived in a truck and started firing and fled. 
A vehicle with plates of the state of Jalisco  that was outside of the building, was hit with at least three bullets. The bodies were transferred to the Legista Medical Service (Semele) to perform the necropsy and establish the causes of the death. Expert services investigate on the spot and gather evidence to support investigations. 
It is worth mentioning that the Digicult page also confirmed the death of the DJ:
“We have just received very bad news. Ronen Dahan aka Perplex was killed in a shootout during a party in Mexico, ” they wrote on their official Facebook account.
He had just shared his location of his whereabouts for this performance on his FB page yesterday.
                            On social networks circulated the strong image of his lifeless body.
From Israeli news:
Mexican news reports said that four people were killed and six were wounded in the shooting, which was connected to the ongoing drug cartel violence in Mexico.
Armed men burst into the festival in an attempt to rob the organizers of a large sum of money. When they were unsuccessful in procuring the cash they wanted, they began shooting.
Dahan has been touring South America in recent weeks and was on the second day of three days of performances in Mexico.
Fans from the around the world have filled Dahan’s social media posts with shocked responses to the news of his sudden death.


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