Israel Launches Airstrikes At Damascus

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File photo shows Syrian Air defenses respond to alleged Israeli missiles targeting south of the capital Damascus, on July 20, 2020. (AFP) 

CAIRO/AMMAN (Reuters) – Israel struck targets in southern Syria on Wednesday in the third such attack in nearly 10 days, state TV reported as military defectors said the missiles targeted Iranian revolutionary guard bases. 
A military spokesman said missiles flying over the Golan Heights targeted several locations and air defences downed several missiles. 
Live coverage showed a multi-storey building on fire. “Our air defences responded to an aerial Israeli aggression … on some targets in the southern region,” state media quoted a Syrian army spokesman as saying. 
Two military defectors said the strikes hit the Kisswa area in the southern outskirts of the capital Damascus and military bases used by Lebanon’s pro-Iranian Hezbollah group. 
WNU Editor: A perfect time to launch an airstrike. The world os distracted by today’s protests in Washington DC and the storming of the US Congress. This is the third airstrike in 2 weeks. 
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