Is Russia Expecting This War To Go On For Some Time?

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LBC: ‘Russia expects this war to go on for some time’: North Korea meeting shows Putin ‘playing long game’, ex-MI6 spy says 

Vladimir Putin’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jon Un shows Russia is planning to “hunker down” for a long war in Ukraine, a former MI6 spy has told LBC. 

Speaking after Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia ahead of a meeting with Mr Putin, the former head of MI6’s Russia desk told LBC’s Andrew Marr there is “serious intent” behind the meeting.

“The Russians are now indicating they expect this war [in Ukraine] to go on for a long time and in fact, that may well be what lies behind their meeting with Kim Jong Un today,” Christopher Steele told LBC.  

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WNU Editor: Talked to my cousin who lives in Moscow last night. He has a lot of military experience, and his opinion is that this war is going to go on into 2026.